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McHale Wedding

"Everyone was blown away by Megan, it meant the absolute world to us to have her be part of our day - and her incredible talent was just the icing on the cake!"

Sarah and Patrick McHale

Kevin Gibson, adult student, working with Megan since 2019

"I could not sing before I met Megan McCarthy. Or so I had been told often, chided with the recommendation that I stand at the back and mouth the words. As an adult, for most of my life I’ve been self-conscious, believing I couldn’t find the pitch or carry a tune, made all the worse as I enjoy music and would sing privately. I met Megan when I saw her flyer just before my daughter got married and determined that I wanted to join in any singing at the ceremony. It took me a couple of weeks to summon the courage to call. Eventually I did and we have been working together ever since.


My ambition was to anonymously join in a chorus or two. I didn’t imagine that we’d get to the stage where I’d give a public recital, and it is all due to Megan. Naturally, she promotes vocal technique, but in learning it she’s instilled confidence with patience and empathy. In all honesty, I’ve had moments of doubt along the way, sometimes feeling that I’d plateaued or would never be able to master a piece. Megan has consistently been encouraging, and it is fair to say that I’ve always come away from our lessons feeling better about my ability and potential.


I did have an in-person recital, which was in itself a profound experience. I don’t think that I could have achieved the performance with anyone else but Megan. Her belief in my potential fueled the bridge from hiding in a choral crowd to being willing to go solo in front of strangers. I’m very grateful for her upbeat energy, technical competence and endless belief in the power of music to enhance lives."



Master Class at Ozaukee High School

"Megan came into my high school choir classroom to give a masterclass as students prepared to perform classical and musical theatre solos for their district Solo & Ensemble festival. The students that sang for Megan were of varying abilities, and Megan was able to provide positive and constructive feedback to help each of them improve their performance. She then worked with each student in a workshop setting, and you could hear the improvements right away. It was exciting to watch my students grow before my eyes. Megan made these young performers feel at ease and helped increase their confidence in performance. 


Megan also presented the students with vocal health tips and how to cope with music performance anxiety. She provided real-world exercises and examples that I know the students have used since. I have incorporated some of these tips and tricks into my own teaching!


Megan then performed for my students and blew them away. It was such a unique experience for my students to hear a professional singer up close and personal. It was a motivator for many of my students to continue working hard to achieve their musical dreams. 


Megan allowed the students to ask her questions at the end. She handled questions from high schoolers with ease and grace, and provided some helpful answers. She provided insight to what life is like as a professional performer - the good, the bad, the ugly. 


I would encourage all teachers to invite Megan into their classroom. She is so talented, kind, funny, and knowledgeable, and has a strong nack for working with high school students."

Cassandra Pacelli, High School Choir Teacher



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